Tips for Motorists

1. Preventative maintenance: This is the concept that prevention is better than cure. For example, preventatively replacing the engine oil before it completely breaks down and turns to sludge in the engines sump. This is a problem as the oil will be too thick for the oil pump to pick up and pump through the many small oil galleries lubricating
the engine components causing the catastrophic engine failure of seizure. The prevention is an oil and filter change of $100 or the cure for engine failure is an engine replace/rebuild of $2500.
2. Tyre Pressures: Keeping your vehicles tyres at the correct pressures will help the vehicle overcome friction making the vehicle more fuel efficient. It will also help overcome premature wear and tear.
3. Mobile wardrobe: Leave your gear at home as excess weight will require more effort from the engine and this will lower fuel efficiency. Additionally, less gear in your car provides less of an incentive for thieves to smash and grab from your car.
4. Tuning: This will keep the engine firing, spark plugs and injecting fuel at the right time as well as keeps the engine running efficiently using less fuel for effort required. Tuning encompasses other components like fuel filters, sparkplugs, air filters, throttle butterfly and injectors. These need to be clean and unworn and may need to be replaced or serviced as part of a tune.
5. WOF & Registration (vehicle licence): Having your Vehicle WOF and Registration up to date at all times will help you avoid those pesky parking infringements of $200 each. My Car Mechanic will keep an eye on when these and remind you of when they are due. If your vehicle fails its WOF, My Car Mechanic can do the required repairs and have it rechecked for you.