Pre-purchase Inspection, Car Inspection

A vehicle is generally the largest investment many people make in their lives second of course to maybe a house. So why would you risk losing your hard earned money by purchasing a lemon? Imagine the thought of driving your new car and due to its potential lack of servicing suffers from a catastrophic engine or transmission failure? The cost of repair could out weight the original cost of the car making the car a write-off

Ring My Car Mechanic and arrange for him to come and do a Pre-purchase inspection on your prospective new investment

My Car Mechanic will inspect

Engine (relative compression test, sparkplugs, air filter, fuel filter)

Driveline (gearbox or transmission for noise and shifting, fluid levels)

Suspension (noise, operation)

Brakes (operation, approximate wear left)

Electrical system (battery condition, alternator for operation, computers if able to be scanned)

Luxury components for operation (A/C working, windows, locks, stereo)

All you need to do is test-drive some cars find one that you like the look and feel of then call My Car Mechanic